Introducing qipo

Qipo /Kee-poh/ n:

A shared agenda for getting things done with lots of people, from many teams, using different tools.

"Bring Your Own App" Collaboration

We embrace the fragmented productivity ecosystem.
Our proprietary translation layer removes the friction between different team toolsets.




The Problem

Email is the lowest common denominator tying all of our tools together, but it’s noisy and jumbles everything together with no structure. We have to remember which apps are storing our information, and manually integrate them by copy-pasting links in emails

Our Solution

Qipo is a shared agenda for getting things done with lots of people, from many groups, using different tools. We simplify your life by bringing all the work into one place. If you invite a Qipo user to an event, it doesn’t matter if they use Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCalendar -- the event is on their calendar. You’re able to use your usual tools while collaborating with people who are on the competing ones, delivering a “Bring Your Own App” collaboration experience.

Our Vision

Qipo is connecting all of our productive lives the same way Facebook connects our social lives. We’re driven by a burning vision of a world where communities can organize at scale, tackling problems which once seemed impossible. Join us and help us fuel the future of global collaboration. Tools erased the borders between nations, and now we’re erasing the borders between tools.

Our Team

John O' Sullivan

Co-Founder | CEO | CTO

Javier Garcia

Co-Founder | COO | CFO