Introducing qipo

Qipo /Kee-poh/ n:

A seamless "bring your own app" collaboration platform integrating messaging, scheduling, and file apps so you can stop worrying about tools and start working with people.
A customer hires a consultant, who then subcontracts some work.  Three people in three companies are working on the same project, but because all their internal collaboration software is incompatible, they have to fall back on email.

External Collaboration is Broken

Email is still king because everyone can use it. We can't use our modern collaboration tools with external parties because competing options are incompatible.
Qipo is like plumbing between different companies' collaboration tools: stick with your usual options, Qipo syncs them with your external collaborators.

Seamless Cross-Platform Productivity

We fix that. Just plug in your tools and Qipo will sync them with the companies you work with. Qipo translates between apps so you don't need to worry about it. Your chats, calendars, and files are now universally compatible.

Sync the Essentials

Qipo meets you where you're at: stick with your usual tools, we'll translate to everyone else's.




Our Team

John O' Sullivan

Co-Founder | CEO | CTO

Javier Garcia

Co-Founder | COO | CFO

Bring Organizations Together

Qipo is about connecting all of our communities together. We believe that by self-organizing at scale, once-impossible problems would be within reach. If you want to start connecting the world from the tools up, then let's talk.

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